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ID Security Alert/Experian

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On Jan 17, 2003 I requested that Experian place an ID Sercurity Alert on my credit file...because someone was fraudulently using my personal information to obtain credit. Now, anytime someone including myself tries to obtain credit, I am suppose to be notified. Also, this feature is schedule to remain on my credit report for three months. Recently, I had to apply for a credit card because of FCNB's troubles. Well, I received one credit card out of three I had applied for, which was Union Plus; I was declined by Citibank and Chase. However, no one contacted me about extenting credit or if I even applied for those credit cards. I seriously believe that Experian is Bull @#$%ing everyone with their verification process and features. If anyone knows of a way that I can bring charges up on Experian for failing to protect my credit information PLEASE let me know.


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There is a considerable difference between the services Experian offers.

Fraud Alert - is a product purchased by the creditors; not many of them pay out the extra cost to get this service to notify them of possible fraud. And it only stays in place for 3 months.

Victim Statement - this is added by sending in copy of phone bill (so that phone number can be added to the remarks section on the credit report with your statement saying "victim of ID Theft please call before extending credit to verify idenity". This stays on the credit report for 7 years or until you write back to have it removed. THIS WILL BE SEEN BY ALL CREDITORS!

Down side though - you won't be able to pull your own credit report on line or by phone - will have to send in written request to see your credit reports w/ copy of your drivers license.

Still out of the 2; I recommend the victim statement. So that you know creditors see it; and call you.

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I don't know if fraud protection is now considered a MUST HAVE AND MUST MONITOR on the CRAS part or if just a free service (IE you get what you pay for).

If you have the equifax monitoring service, you can download the PDF file for the Identity Theft Insurance certificate. I would start reading there, I can't seem to get it up right now.

Keep us posted!!

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