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Does this mean I have a mixed file?

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****************MIXED AADC 683

I am not sure; if this is referring to something else; would be a good idea to call them and ask for explaination for that part.

They do remix on a regular basis; so be sure to look over all info in the report (anything not belonging to you will confirm this).

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Think we dicussed this before; can't remember where though.

Credit Reports are pulled by this information:



Social Security Number

If anything matches before the social security number is checked it the CRA will pull in all tradeline information on all people sharing similar name & address.

But if you have a common name (especially guys) where father/son sharing the same name. And then they had lived at the same address - this will really become a mess.

Example the son had a judgment; but when it got added to the Credit Report - it actually shows up on the fathers credit report.

So if you get the CRA to un-mix the file; it is up to you to be careful when applying for credit not to give that information in such a way for the file to get mixed again. Ways to insure this include:

Using Full name; including Jr./Sr./I/II/III...

Don't give additional address where the other person lives. Also helps if you get this deleted off the credit report.

Otherwise; you may just back right where you started cleaning the file up.

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