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Hey morrow!

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Yah, Im really excited! :D

Im really nervous though for some reason. Im am really trying to make sure that I have all my ducks in a row and its really stressful cause Im dealing with both mine and my DH reports/disputes and they were all sent the same time and neither of us have heard from anyone!!!

So I am going to be slammed with FAXES and letters and a bunch of stuff!

Im wonderin what the heck is up though, why are they waiting till the last minute? For both of us?

Oh well, Ive pretty much got all my letters printed out and raedy *just in case*

I will keep you posted, you do the same! :p

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Your sending them by mail, your not going to FAX them?

What happens if you mail them and then like the next day you get your investigation results?

Are they still going to go back and delete the stuff after they get your *failure to respond within 30 days letter*?

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yup.. I am doing CRRR...

what if I fax them and get the letter from them tomorrow? LOL same thing..

I just want to make it look official. They are probably get bombed with faxes and it might get lost somewhere. With CRRR I have this assurance that they receive my letter. Plus I want to include copies of green slips, my previous letter and include paragraphs from FCRA so they see I know what I am talking about. They will have lots of documents and will see that I keep track of everything. Plus, I think green slip is better proff than a fax printout for me.

I am not comunicating with these people in any other way but CRRR. Every correspondence I send them is CRRR...

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