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Banks and CRA

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I'm noticing that people in the forum seem

to have more success with TU.

If this is true, wouldn't it be a good idea

to pursue new credit through financial institutions

that us TU as their major source of credit info?

Also, how can I determine what institutions use

which CRAs.

My goal would be to add a good standing account to my

CR and increase my score while removing the derogs.

Thx in advance.

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Yes there are lists in various places and some will contribute as they go; kind of rough since the one site recommended had gone down.

Also be sure to looking in the last posting section on credit cards; there are individual postings on what CRAs are used.

I know that hollypc recently found and posted a pretty good list; but right now I can't find it. Will try to look some more and post back the link.

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Here is a site that has a list you can download. The information was from the original Millscb site that is no longer available. The gentleman that is doing it is updating it on a regular basis. It is in the form of an Excel document so you will have to have that program in order to view and also you have to join the yahoo group (free to do so) in order to download the file.


You are able to search by state, cra or creditor.

Hope this helps!


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