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Question on Experian listing (long)

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I recently disputed a First Premier listing on my EXP report. It was showing as charged off/ $28 written off. Several years ago when we were starting to have some financial difficulty I asked that the account be closed and the deposit used to take care of the balance. At that time, I had always paid on time and was never late. I was told that it would be done and never heard another word. In March when I started looking at my cr I found that they had shown it as a charge off instead of the way it should have been.

When I first pulled EXP it was listed as a negative item showing paid account/charged off. $28 written off and was scheduled to continue on record until 10/2004. Now, after disputing it is showing under positive items and says - Paid in settlement. $28 written off. Account legally paid in full for less than full balance and is scheduled to remain until 4/2010.

Question is, does it make it any better that it shows paid in settlement? I know that it is showing on my positives but it still shows as charge off in the account history and I do not want it to continue on until 2010 if it is still going to hurt me. I'm also unclear as to how they can just add 6 years to the "scheduled to remain" date.

Sorry this is so long. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Would recommend you contact their customer service department to investigate the matter; as to why they are reporting charged off.

They can change things if you prove them wrong in their reporting; or if they point out something you overlooked you can debate the matter with them; and ask their consideration in how they are reporting.

Also point out to them that they have for some reason pushed back the reporting date this is to remain on your credit report. And that you need this matter taken care of as well.

If you get their agreement on changes then ask them to fax you confirmation of what they intend to do. Definately fax; since this will help you should they fail to update.

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