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Free Credit report from Equifax or Transunion does not inclu

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I just want to give a run down on free this and free that...

EQUIFAX: free credit watch for 30 days (must input cc#) includes report and score. just be sure to cancel before 30 days..

EXPERIAN: same deal only it's called credit expert or manager... includes report and score

TRANSUNION: no free trial... you can buy report or their version of a credit manager... but you can get a free report w/out inputting a cc# at www.worthknowing.com report only, no score

LASTLY www.privacygaurd.com allows you to have all three reports pulled and a free EQUIFAX score this is $1 for three months. if you want your TRANSUNION and EXPERIAN score you can pay $10.

I really like EXPERIAN's credit manager that i pay 3.99 a month for as a 1st premier bank cc holder (9.9% + 6.00/mo participation fee :( :(

it shows you the date that EXPERIAN has for things to go off your report, plus it shows what they have for your pay history... it's just more organized and phsyically aesthetic in my opinon. if anyone has anything to add... please do

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