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CRA wants to know which credit repair company I'm using

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I received the same letter. At the time I was pretty mad that instead of investigating my claims they were essentially accusing me of using a credit repair agency. What really got me was this was the first time I had ever disputed anything and my letters were not heavy handed at all-no quoting FDCP. About a week later they (EXP) sent me the results-2 neg TL's gone.

Don't let it bother you. I vented here also and I always try to keep a healthy attitude about this process.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by thefall

I received the same letter. At the time I was pretty mad that instead of investigating my claims they were essentially accusing me of using a credit repair agency. What


So what? It's not illegal even if you guys were using it. They still can't refuse to investigate. Just ignore these letters.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by md

Maybe you should send a letter back with a copy of the one they sent you and request that they tell you where they buy their staples and paper they print on. :D


Yea right...LOL

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Well, I have another view on it. I take it as a compliment and laugh. I did write one letter and re-iterated their famous line.I mentioned something like ..If you reported accurate info as you claim, then we would have nothing to correspond about! I did thank them for the compliment and I reminded them that their investigation period was almost up.

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I think the FTC and the CRAs are trying to keep tabs on the credit repair agencies, especially the unscrupulous ones that promise the moon and, of course, can't deliver (you know the ones that have the ads "Let us wipe out your debt! Money-back guarantee!"). However, there are also a lot of reputable credit repair agencies out there and there's no shame in using one if you have the money and don't have the time. If you can, would like to see the text of the letter you received from the CRA.

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I just rec'd 2 ltrs from TU. 1 ltr states that "to dispute information, please complete this form & return. Upon receipt investigation will be initiated & completed w/in 30 days".

1st part of form info they need:






Home Ph


Prev. Employer

2nd prt of form info they need:

Company Name


Then they give you several reasons that you can check off to dispute.

***When I initially sent ltrs this was the exact info.on ltr. ***(except current & prev employer-they had this on cr).

I am assuming I need to complete this. Am I correct!!! :confused:

2nd ltr I received says "Thanks for contacting TU. blah..blah..blah..

Then it has RE: Dispute Status "We are unable to accept documentation you sent. However TU will contact source of disputed information & advise them of your dispute". (Well are they accepting or not???)

The ltr has 2nd RE: Need Additional Information "We are currently investigating the bk and/or your accounts included in bk. Please send us copies of discharge papers for bankruptcy and the list or schedule of creditors incl.in bk".

With initial ltr to CRA I attached copy of Creditors who were not included in bk (cr rpt shows many cr as "included in bk" when they weren't)and accounts are current and/or paid.

Sorry this is so long !!!!

Then there is a 3rd RE: General Monitoring of your credit report.

This states they think I am using a CR Service. But also states I can dispute inaccurate info myself !!!!! :confused:

What is up???? Do I complete form or not !!! Also, there is no reference,on their ltr, to the item(s) I was disputing so I don't know what item their referring to. I sent TU 4 diff. disputes !!!!

PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!! :upsidown:

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I realize that I am replying to my own post, but this is a follow up for anyone who is interested. I spoke to an attorney regarding the notice the CRA sent me relevant to want to know which credit repair company I'm using.

Legal counsel advised me that this is a stall tactic designed to illicit a follow up call or letter from me whereby the CRA is then granted additional time to investigate my compliant. The typical extension is 15 days of time.

This best course of action is to allow the statutory time for the original compliant to lapse and then follow up with a letter stating their time to investigate has finished... etc etc.

Noncompliance on the part of the CRA is a violation of applicable federal law, for which I believe is an offense you can collect damages for in a civil suit.


Your results may vary. I am not an attorney. Do not take my remarks as legal advice. I am likley wrong, and this story is likley fabricated in an attempt to illicit a particular emotional response on the part of the reader. :eek:

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<blockquote>Originally posted by crofttk

:D :D :D

I like the disclaimer ! Did your attorney help you write that ?

Yeah, your attorney sounds like he gives sensible advice !


Thanks! No the disclaimer was all mine; I was just feeling rather creative at the time. Good luck on your credit repair efforts! I'm feeling happy today because at the end of March my EXP score was 519... right now it is 587. Time for the happy dance.

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I got the same letter today, so I called them up, and let them know I am highly offended, and this is along the lines of deramation. Im fuming, but not giving up. I will wait the 30 days, then send a followup letter in June.

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Hi ! I'm back !!! I am the one who wrote the long post back in April. Sorry but here's another. As I am trying to repair/rebuild my credit, I am also trying to boost my husbands credit scores.

I sent a ltr to TU on 4/22/03 disputing account as "not mine". They wrote to me on 4/29/03 indicating they have rec'd dispute from credit repair agency, etc.... Attached was form ltr to complete called "request for investigation". Like I said before the info they put on this request was same info I sent but their ltr states that

"investigation will be initiated & completed within 30 days upon receipt of your request"

NOW !! I completed ignored both (credit repair agency & "request for investigation")because of what I've been reading on these posts. Today is 30 days from the date they sent me the letter. Do I send them a ltr stating they have failed to respond within 30 days or what???? I am confused !! I don't mean to sound dumb, but I've never had to do this before !!! Help !!!! :confused:

I do have good news Equifax deleted 1 acct - ltr sent advised acct "not mine". ;)

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