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Credit Bureau Svc NY

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Hi All,

My credit union uses a CRA from NY, I just received a copy of

my credit report from them and there are a number of items that I am going to dispute. Some are just not updated and a couple I don't believe are mine.

My question is has anyone dealt with Credit Bureau Services of Upstate New York. And if so, how are they about disputes?

Also, since they are not one of the big 3 CRAs, are the methods outlined here applicable?

Thanx in advace.

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Local credit bureaus like the one I work for can differ from the major 3 CRAs; because if you dispute is with one of their local business members that they over see - then they can step in and help investigate the matter. Also they are most likely the local source for the court houses around them. They can help on judgments or tell you how to address a problem with about any given issue.

Then again I have heard some people here refer to some credit bureaus as collection agencies - so just be sure to know what their business is when you call them. We don't do collections here; but alot of them have crossed over to this side to stay afloat in the competitive market.

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