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30 days?

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<blockquote>Originally posted by freexone74

hi all!

well i've finally sent out my disputing letters 2 the big 3 CRA. question is i know they have 30 days 2 respond. when do i start the count down? is it when i get the return rec ?



The 30 days start when the CRA recieves the dispute, whatever day they signed for it.

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Equifax got back to me on day 31, I was amazed, followed by Experian. Trans Union was a few days late on getting back to me. I had used Postal Tracking on these so I knew when they recieved the disputes.

Don't expect to have them clear everything off. All 3 CA's cleared off many of my disputes, but not the one's I really wanted to come off (I'm fighting identity theft).

So the final dispute letters go out to the CRA's on Monday, letting them know if everything isn't taken off, I'll be filing suit in Small Claims. It will be interesting to see how quickly they wipe my credit report clean. :)

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