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Well a big thanks to all!! After reading that I could just call to find out, since patience is NOT one of my virtues, I called.

On Eq, I disputed 5 lines, they updated a judgement to satisfied (notas good as deleted but better than outstanding...)Changed 2 accounts from Included in BK (I filed but had it dismissed) to I1, which the lady told me was pays never late. (can anyone verify this?) And the last one came back O9, so I am off to dispute that with them. So the 2 accounts they fixed are from 1994, will this help my score?

I also called TU, less stellar results..The lady said only 1 item had come back and it was verified. :mad: Funny though since the same OC coulnd't validate to me..But thats another story. Also the lady was RUDE! I asked her why my wrong addresses were still there if I disputed them and she said "If you disputed them they were deleted" and I said, noo they weren't as I just checked my report yesterday. She asked how and I said I bought it from TU. SHe then said " Well your 30 days are not up so they will be gone then" So I said, but you just told me they had been deleted? And she said "No nothing changes tilll the 30 days are up: Very confusing.. :confused:

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I called and got some results back, unfortunatly after I sent in my original disputes I disputed a couple teeny-tiny things online and they said that I had to wait an extra 15 days for full investigation results, Oh well!

Results with them have been awesome so far....3 accounts removed, 3 updated to never paid late and 2 collections fell off!

Not too shabby!!

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