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Anyone know who Honda pulls from?

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<blockquote>Originally posted by fixmycredit

I am 684 Trans U now, close but I want to be sure.

Need a f150 to pull the boat around.


I called a local Ford dealer around here (Western Wisconsin) and asked

for the credit manager. I asked what was the credit score they needed

to get the 0% interest loans. He said above low 600's. You fall into

that range. It would be nice to know exactly what score Ford gets when

they request your credit file. Anyways, just give em a call and they

will tell you what score is needed.

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Right now GM is offering 0% financing.

My new boyfriend<giggles> and I just bought a 2003 Saturn.

his score was 624 on TU and we got the 0% ((Its on his credit not mine.. mine is barely 520)

Just thought ya'll might wanna know that

BTW I start work for a Honda dealer May 1!!

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I bought a Honda in Aug. 2001, financed through American Honda Finance Corp. They pulled from Equifax. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but I thought you'd like to know.

My DH bought a Jeep Wrangler around the same time, financed through Daimler Chrysler. They pulled both from TU and Equifax.

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