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Can i get this to show on my report?

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I personally have never heard of that, how would you do it....ask your landlord to submit the info to the CRA?

Here, read this too. Not sure if it applies but something to keep in mind.


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No these can't be added to the CRAs credit reports; but you can still create a home made credit report that will serve just as well for getting loans with banks.

Will be some work for you hunting these banks down that will accept these type of reports.

What you do is get letter from you landlord - needs to show when you started renting from them; how much you pay per month; something to the affect that you have paid as agreed every month and are current with your payments with them.

This home made credit report can also contain letters from electric companies; cable companies; gas & water companies. Even phone companies can be collected. What these companies will provide is a paymet history.

This will work for you; for your purpose of getting started. ;)

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