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I need to order my CR to make sure the late-payment reporting history was deleted like the CRA told me they would do. I'm in the process of doing a home refinance and I want to make sure my scores are the best they can be before I start filling out their loan paperwork. I want to order my CR and view it online, but I want to see it from each of the big 3 and I want to check it for the next couple months to see how my FICO is changing as I get bad stuff deleted. Recommendations to get all 3 with scores for a few months????

Thnx... ;)

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Each CRA has a monitoring service. You can go to each website and sign up. It is free for 30 days. Then they will charge you..

I go to www.privacyguard.com. It costs $1 for a three month trial. It gives you a report from all 3 CRAs and one score. If you need to monitor for a few months this is a good one.

Also www.worthknowing.com is a report from TransUnion. You can pull everyday by deleting your account and signing up again everyday.

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