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Split reports

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There have been a few threads about split reports - that even I have told people - don't worry about it, if you have it they will let you know.

Welp - they let me know today.

I have 3 reports with TU.

Got to fax everything except blood samples into TU, they won't even give me the status of my dispute OR even tell me if they registered my dispute over the phone.

I'm not happy.

Keep you posted on what happens here. Lord forbid everything I got off my "REAL" file reappears when they fix the split. I'm going to have a kitten over that! TU rep was suprised that I was getting my reports online and that anyone had even dealt with me on the phone, the lady said they show notes that in FEB the split files showed up and the notes even said that "customer is not aware". Well ****, why didn't they email me or snail mail me in FEB so I could have corrected it then. WTF!


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Careful Kimber: Not all lenders know what to make of the split files; processing 3 bureau mortgage reports here; I have overlooked them (not realizing myself what these where till recently).

Little hard to explain on my side: But when looking at a 3 bureau report; I will see these numbered off like:

1. Experian

2. TransUnion

3. Equifax


1. Experian Borrower

2. Experian Co-Borrower

3. TransUnion Borrower

4. TransUnion Co-Borrower

5. Equifax borrower

6. Equifax Co-Borrower

Meaning that all information in the raw data on my side not the banks side. Would contain a relationship number showing what belongs to who.

Well I started noticing more numbers for one bureau like:

1. Experian

2. Experian

3. Equifax

4. TransUnion

This would include seeing 2 scores for Experian; this is going to be a problem on how the individual loan officer interpets the scoring for mortgage (since they say to take the middle score of the 3) Well the question is now: what score is taken out of 4?

I don't think all the loan officers are going to come to the same conclusion I did once I called the CRA & asked what should be done.

Anyway CRA told me to add both scores then divide in 1/2 to get the real score.

Question: Is the mortgage company going to come to the same conclusion to do this; or will they simply take the lower of the two reported scores. (Thus hurting your chances for approval).

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This happened to me as well. Yesterday I called TU and they merged my 2 reports while I was on the phone. Thank God! because I just went through Hell trying to get EQ squared away. It really messes up your credit and scores by having split files! Kb9 knows all about this and definately listen to her. She has helped me tremendously with split reports. :D

Now that I have 1 file per CRA it will be alot easier to fix my credit. And when you apply for a mortgage and they pull the tri-merge you reports will be accurate!

When my mortgage co pulled mine, it was so messed up! I couldn't figure out where they were getting their info from. Now I know I had split files with all CRA's. So definately fix it. I even had all of my neg. info put onto my correct report. Not that I want neg. info but I want my report to be accurate. now I can dispute the negs.

By the way, they did not put any of the previously deleted info. back onto my corrected report.

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1 down and 2 to go is right! It will be awhile before I get my files completely merged. I know that my score will plumate due to adding all of my credit files information together. Good and bad info will be added. I am afraid what my scores will drop down to. :(

Anyways I will keep you posted as to what my 'oficial' new scores will be. I might be crying though! :tired:

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Well see, I've had my broker pull me in the last 60 days and she didn't find it. I found out that they are NOT placing by ssn, but by name - here pick a name..that sounds good. I know this because I know everyone that I'm sharing or split with, persay and our names aren't "that" close, nor our SSN's.

I pulled all the reports today (since they are all my SSN I can do that) and found out what was on them, one is my maiden name which reverts to my married file - thats fine, but the rest is whats gonna bite.

We'll see, no word from the TU rep I emailed yet. I'll give it a week and call them back again.

I'll give more details after it and a few other issues are resolved.

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Mixed files are a totally different nightmare. When pulling credit reports will go by Name; Address; then social security number. I usually see either:

Spouses mixed: At some point they are either joint or co-signer on each others account; so the creditor messes up crossing their social security numbers.

Father / Son mixes: Sharing the same & at some point sharing the same address.

Children mixed on parents credit reports: Same as spouses because of having co-signed on loans.

Common name: These can be mistaken as ID Theft cases; but are simple clerical errors by the CRA or creditor and can be determined by calling the creditors & verifying identity on who they have owning the account. Other ones in this area includes companies pulling credit reports & inverting numbers on the social security number when pulling up credit report under your name (will see alias ss#s show up on the credit report).

When you know this to be the case; very important to eliminate all past addresses relating the other identity; be sure to use full given name when applying (also alerting the company pulling the credit report to pull credit report using your full given name) because of this problem. If there is a special spelling to your name be sure to tell them; I have made this mistake myself pulling credit reports. Not spelling a persons name right; this will add an alias name to the credit report. Hate this since I have the same problem with my name being misspelled all the time.

Not all creditors submit information to the CRAs to add to your file using your social security number. Collection agencies; will submit by Name & Address. So the CRA is really guessing on who these belong to if there happens to be several possible matches.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by kb9tbq

Not all creditors submit information to the CRAs to add to your file using your social security number. Collection agencies; will submit by Name & Address. So the CRA is really guessing on who these belong to if there happens to be several possible matches.


Well then the CA and CRA are breaking the law then right off the bat.

None of what you mentioned are my situation though, UGH...

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No - the only reason any one has a right to your social security number is for taxes & employment.

Banks and other companies make it a policy to collect these; but you don't have to give this out. They may reserve the right to not extend you credit though. The laws have not been protecting consumers to the fullest on this issue; they let these companies get away with collecting this information & they let them carry on with using this to report to the CRAs.

The CRAs don't require social security number to collect data from creditors nor do they require it if a company which you are applying with or a Collection Agency for that matter pulls your credit report to extend credit or collect on debt.

*** But once they pull your credit report (major companies like banks; not landlords) will be able to see your social security number already having been collected prior by the CRA showing up on the credit report. So they will know the fact of the matter either way if you give it to them or not when applying.

With the collection agencies; they collect debt for a variety of creditors; which don't collect social security numbers (so they need this room to report data & access credit reports).

A good example of this is people who have judgments filed against them; most cases these will not contain a social security number. So it will solely go by the persons name & address to be added to their credit report.

Bankruptcies on the other hand are different; they use the social security numbers when these are filed.

Everything depends on multiple relationships to be established. To give their best guess as to who the data belongs to. It is not an exact because of them not being allowed to tag 1st on the social security numbers. So their will continue to be errors; this gets more complicated with the privacy issues verses the accessability by the creditors and simple convenients that the consumers constantly want for easy access & approval.

So this is where everything is stuck; a system with no easy way to fix.

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