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.... no for an answer

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Well Pinnacle Financial called me again, and there is a DV + CD sent out on them, they havent gotten it yet. I asked for the charge off date, and he didnt know that. Is that supposed to be included in the Validation??

He wouldnt take "no" for an answer when I told him that i would like everything to be discused in writting.

He asked like 5 questions, and with all 5 i replied with "i would like everything to be discussed in writting".

Thanks to these boards I know how to respond to these people.

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They are suppose to honor verbal requests for cease & desist; but some are more of a pain than others.

You can report them to the BBB; FTC; and such if they continue to be a problem.

In the DV letter they should provide you with payment history; showing when you last paid on the account (if they respond). Not all of them do; but they should update your credit report; reflecting that the account is in dispute.

This is a means to stall them; and have more ammo should they try to sue you; and on top of that it gives you the upper hand in court for violations on their part.

Will just have to wait for their next move to see how they are going to play this out.

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