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Possible that CA closed my Credit Card Account?

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On Monday, I mailed a certain CRA a kind of nasty letter. The CRA address is a few counties away from my home. About 4 days later, my only credit card stopped working. When I called the CC company, they said someone called them at 11:20AM to close the account. It wasn't me or my wife. Nobody has ever done this to me before and I do not have an ex-wife or anyone else I'd suspect.

Is it within the CRA's bag of tricks to call my CC and close my account in response to a nasty letter? They are the only ones with all of the information to pretend they are me.

This could be stuff of Conspiracy Theory 101, but I am just curious if anyone has had similar experience.

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That is a terrible thing to happen; but would not be able to know for absolute sure.

Where you able to straighten out the matter & re-open the account?

Would be sure to tell them you want a password & pin number placesd on this account that they are not to release any information on your account without verbal authorization from you (like a conference call) of sorts. That way they would not get this far next time in doing such a thing.

This is the first I have ever heard of this happening.

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Yes, the CC company restored my card without any problems. I then put a pin on the account so it wouldn't happen.

I doubt the CRA was the culprit and it could have been a CC administrative error - who knows?

At least we know this is not a common occurence (according to your post).



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