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equifax fwd to CSC

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I sent dispute letter CMRR to all three CRAs last month and have received some form of communication from all of them.

But equifax sent a letter stating:

Equifax doe not maintain or service the information on your credit report. Equifax forwarded it to:

CSC Credit Services in El Paso.

What's this about? Anybody?

also, TU deleted a tax lien (Yah!!!)

but also a trade line I only disputed the lates on. how do I get that back on?

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CSC is the equivalent of Equifax, just managed by another company name. Reports are the same, but they disputes, upkeep, etc. are handled by a different company. All my Equifax is sent to CSC too...I've just started disputing directly with them and not sending to Equifax at all.

As far as having a tradeline re-entered...I'm not sure, but I think you have to go back to the OC and have them re-list it. Tell them it was deleted by accident and have them re-report it. But somebody else may know for sure on that one!

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