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Disputing Info

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Im new at the disputing thing. How exactly do I go about geting inquiries off my credit report? See this is what happened I

didnt know anything about credit when I applied for a lot of credit cards when I first turned 18 NOW applying for all those

credit cards is hurting my score BAD! I have over 26 inquiries in the last year i think. I need to get these off if I did that my

score would be great. Thanks. Please explain in detail how I go about doing this. If I can do this over the phone then what

# do I call if I do this through mail where do I send.

P.S.- I have read of people just telling the CRA that the inquiries arent theres or that they didnt give the companies

permission to get there credit file. Thanks Please Help!!

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Methods differ for each person; it is really trial & error.

I tried disputing online - plugging in creditors name & 0 for the account number w/ explaination that the inquiry was not authorized.

But they just sent me letter saying they don't investigate inquiries.

So you can also try writing in dispute directly to each agency.

You can also try faxing in dispute or calling in & talking to customer service.

Think the last one is what the more successful results have been coming from - just calling in.

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Another way to dispute would be to contact the creditor directly; especially if you have no open accounts with them what so ever. Would try telling them you never applied & that you want the inquiry removed off of your credit report (since it dose contribute to 10% of the credit score).

:p Might have to get a little tough with them if you go this route threaten to sue if they don't get the incorrect information off of your report. Some have had luck this way as well.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by mattblue

BTW, morrow if u dont like me using this icon then say something otherwise i wanna keep it :D its something pleaseing to look at :eek:</blockquote>

You know what? Im not trying to be a PITA but there are a billion different graphics out there besides this one.

I picked it because it sorta represents my style. Surely you can find something to fit your own personal style.

Seriously though, at first it didnt bother me. Then I have spent the last couple hours trying to find a new graphic so I could change, and you know what? I dont want to and I dont have to.

Use it anywhere else dude, just not here.


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heh, i changed my user name too :) I registered as mattblue b/c I had a question about AMEX now I come to this board

often and have a reg username now. :) name goes with the demon.

P.S. - Morrow, "I'll Eat your Heart" lol j/kin all in good fun

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