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TeeYou Inquiry Removals......

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These are the reasons why TEEyOU will delete Inquireries(typeo'ed intentionally)....

1) Written Letter from the Subscriber (one that pulls) and the customer (me and you all), requesting deletion of the posted inquiry


2)Muitiple hits within a 3 day period, except for the states of CO, CT, TX, and VT. Those require that multiple hits STAY.

I have a addy for TEEYOU, but shall I post it?

Also if, of course you been shafted by a crook, theres a seperate number and addy as well.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by morrow

Where did you get the info?


From a OC that I did a DV to, theyre kissing my butt, and it is a copy of a fax sent to TEEYOU, and the numbers and such are LIGIT!!!!!!!!!:D

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Heres the address for disputing your Injuiries to TU..................remember, if the company agrees to remove the listing, the better are the chances......also, look for multiple hits in a 3 day period. (NOTICE THE MISPELLINGS)

Trasn Uinon

PO Box 54485

Jackson, MS 39208


and heres 2 new fax#s I got for TU.........

570-326-5184, and 601-933-4012

In case youre asked where you got this info from......DO NOT MENTION THIS M BOARD WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!

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