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need help in addresses?

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Okay...I have names of companies who pulled a CR on me without my knowledge. Maybe someone here knows the addresses?

This is the name on of whoever pulled my CR:

INFO1-LC..miscellaneous reptg. agencies

pulled in March 27,2003

INFO ONE...miscellaneous all others

pulled in March 27, 2003

TCN/CHASE...miscellaneous reptg. agencies

pulled Feb. 8, 2003

THE CREDIT NETWORK...Mortgage companies

pulled in Feb. 8, 2002

I don't know who these ppl or companies are...I never gave them permission to pull my CR? Does anyone have any idea of who they are and what their addresses are? Thanx to all...very grateful!

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I don't know if they are hard pulls or soft pulls...it doesn't say? Equifax and Experian are the agencies these pulls were made from? I have no idea who they are. How would I find out if these pulls are hard ones or soft ones?


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Thanx so much smogtek...I don't know why these companies would pull my report??? I really got suspicious so I pulled my husband's report and guess what? The same exact companies pulled his report too? The only thing we could come up with is that in Feb. & Mar. we were looking for homes, and we listed with a few real estate agencies. Are these pulls from these companies considered hard pulls? I'm calling all 3 CRA's and having the inquiries taken off. Thanx again and I do appreciate your help. ;)

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