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Letters that debt is not valid

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Hello all, I have a quesiton. I recently had 4 entries on my CR that were due to mishandling of an insurance claim from 4 years ago. After much stress dealing with the insurance company, I finally got the paperwork showing that all debts had been paid by insurance, it just took longer than the original creditors wanted. I worked with the collection agencies, gave them all the documentation, and they agreed to DELETE the entry. I have letters backing this up. I then challenged the entries via Cert. Mail on my credit report to all three. Enclosed with the letter, which was NOT full of legalese, I included the 4 letters from the Collection agencies stating that the Account should NEVER have been placed with collections and that they requested a deletion. Here are the Results.

Equifax: Validated the Debts; they now say that another dispute would be frivolous (sp) and they refuse to re-open, despite that they received the letters from the C's via cert mail AND Fax.

Experian: Validated the Debts; still remains on Credit Report.

TransUnion: Refused to investigate, sending a letter stating that I was using a credit repair service.

Point in fact, I have letters from the CA's stating that the debt is not valid. Outside of this, I have had perfect credit with a 31K student loan paid off in under 5 years and 4 car loans paid off and NO late payments with my Credit Cards. Essentially, I had perfect credit (FICO 760) for the most part. now, my FICO is in the upper 500-low 600's depending on who you check with.

Is this a case to take to Small Claims or should it just go for a higher amt, including a lawyer??? I was going to buy a house, and now I am looking at b-c-d loans with more down than I can do.

Thanks all for your input on this one.

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Next step would be calling those CA's and telling them that you have letters from them, volunteer to fax copies, but they did NOT remove them from your report. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen and for many different reasons. Demand that they have this fixed immediately or you should definitely take 'em to court. you can also file suit with the CRAs for reporting inaccurate information when you have proven to them that this is incorrect with copies of the letters from the CAs. Next time that you contact the CRAs, you could do it by fax (see some numbers posted elsewhere here) and look through some of the sample letters above to get what info pertains to your situation...as well as looking through some of the "nutcase" letters...I think #2, Son of Nutcase letter, is what you could revise for your situation. You would have to do a search on here by "nutcase" to find the correct thread with the link to them. Hope these help!

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