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Equifax score rising during dispute?

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I am disputing three things on my Equifax report

1- a parking ticket in collections which I actually just paid last week

2- late pays on a car loan that I paid in full in Februaury

3 - an old department store card that showed as closed by grantor

The rest of my report is not bad.

An auto loan PAID from 1991-96

A Capital One credit card with a balance near my 350 limit no late pays (established March 2002)

A Cross Country bank credit card with a 200 balnce on a 350 limit (established February this year no lates)

A Car Loan established in February no lates

My score on May 8th was 604...I put in the disputes and now (May 12th) it is 613

Should I anticipate any additional rise in this score anytime soon or is this as good as it will get?

Just wondering what others think because I really was hoping to get a new credit card through the Household site I have been reading about on these boards.

Also, I will be disputing the same through Experian and was wondering if I should expect a score rise with them?

Thanks and I really appreciate these boards. They have been very helpful.

- Dane

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With EQ your score will artificially inflate during the dispute process because the disputed items aren't factored in.

Once the disputes are done your score will change again. If everything you dispute is deleted, it may stay the same.

If they aren't, it will usually go back down.

From my experience the biggest score jump you will see is when the last derog comes off your report.

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My eq score went down 8 points (no new negs, 2 positives added and 6 disputes)......UGH...........TU I lost 13 points in the last 2 weeks, and there was an item added that should have been added over a year ago, and the OC even backdated it to 8-00 for me.........strange is it?

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Just wanted to update...I called Equifax at 1-866-763-3491 to dispute some inquiries...about ten of them in the last year and a half...and the guy who helped me just let me name them off and launched an investigation on each one. He also said that the creditinfo.com will not hurt my score even though it is showing as a hard inquiry. He said go ahead and look at your score as much as you want and it will not hurt you.

Still trying for that EQUIFAX 630 or higher soon.

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