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CRA Mailing Addresses

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Is it okay to mail dispute letters to CRAs via certified mail to the PO Boxes listed on the web site? Or am I missing the correct mailing addresses for that? I thought a certified letter had to be signed for, making PO Boxes not possible? Thanks for any clarification you can give!

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<blockquote>Originally posted by smogtek

The most irritating thing to me is that EQ seems to change PO Box numbers with EVERY new report! Sheesh!


CSC handles my Equifax report...I guess for the area I live in??? Or, is it everyone??? Anyway, if I send anything to Equifax, they send me a letter stating they have forwarded it to CSC. This further prolongs the process, so I go direct to CSC to save time.

This is just an FYI if anyone else is in the same situation. For me anyway, going to Equifax directly is a waste of time.

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