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TU = idiots?

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So, I get no updates from my disputes I put in 30 days ago. I call Trans Union.

The lady says "so and so was verified, so and so was deleted, and there is another pending."

I say, what do you mean "another is pending, this is the last day, I put them in all on the 16th and have the emails to prove it".

She: "No you sent in one by mail on May 2nd."

Me: "No ma'am I didn't, I disputed everything online that same day."

She: "Well we have one from May 2nd that you sent in the mail."

Me: "I'm sorry, I did NOT send ANYTHING to you in the mail. I did everything online and it was all done on the 16th."

She: "Well yes the other 2 were done on the 16th, but the late pays were disputed on May 2nd that we received in the mail."

Me: <starts to fume> "I DID NOT SEND YOU ANYTHING IN THE MAIL, what is going on?"

She: "Well maybe they just marked it wrong when you disputed on the 2nd."

Me: "Let me talk to your supervisor, this is odd, I didn't send anything in the mail and I disputed everything online on the 16th, y'all messed something up."

She: "She's on the other line with another customer."

Me: "Can you put me on hold?"

She: "No, I can't tie up the lines by putting you on hold. You'll have to call back some other time."

Me: "You mean to tell me you can't put me on hold and I have to try to track down your supervisor later? Kinda crappy customer service."

She: "Well, I could send you to her voicemail, do you want me to do that?"

Me: "YES"

OMG this girl was DUMB... it was like talking to a brick wall.

Fact is, they screwed up somehow and I don't know how to prove it. I didn't send them a DAMN THING in the mail and everything was done on the 16th of April.

I guess this is one strike against disputing online, hehe.

I know the tradelines will remove the late status because the other agencies have done so, just torques me off that I have to wait another 2 weeks cause they screwed up! GRRRR!

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I'm not going to say, I told you so.......but this is exactly the reason why I say do everything CMRRR. Not for when things go right but for when things go wrong like in this case......

Sorry dude, looks like you'll have to wait it out :(

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The problem with TU is that their customer service reps are required to field 10 calls an hour.. that means you've only got 6 minutes to talk to the person.. when you asked to be put on hold, you were basically telling her she couldn't meet her quota for the hour...

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i filled out one of those dandy forms that TU sends with your compimentary report due to denail of credit in the last 60 days... i disputed a few items, and three weeks later I get a letter from TU explaining the FCRA. I am like, "uh okay, so they verified or what?" stupid idiots.

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I think TU sends out them worthless, useless letters on purpose to get us to respond to it and give them more time. I am not letting them get away with it. They got my disputes, I have proof and they are going to have to follow FCRA to the tee. You know they had the gull to tell me they don't have to legally show the accounts in dispute? How is it they think they don't have to do what all the rest are required to do? I have never seen one dispute with TU marked as such. Maybe we all need to get on them and start calling them on their "frivioulous" (sp) actions!!!!!!!!!!!

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