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Hi, I have read alot of your posts helping ppl in this forum. I wonder if you may be able to answer a question or two for me? lol

If I requested to have my old name (ex's surname) removed from CR's, and send the CRA's a copy of my marriage certificate showing my new surname, will they delete it from my CR? I have changed my surname with all appropriate agencies like SS, MVD, CCC's, employer, IRS, etc etc etc. Also...there are old addresses on my CR that are at least 10-15 yrs old. I want them to be deleted too, is that possible? What can I do to have all this removed from my CR's? I appreciate any info you can throw my way


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I would call them on this; you should not have to explain your reasons to them just say it is incorrect. Same thing with the addresses. You should not have to give personal information willingly.

Now if a creditor has specifically reported on this - they may follow up requesting more information but wait for them to ask 1st.

I have no problem with providing copy of drivers license myself - since in most cases they already have this irregardless of you giving it to them; by this time someone else has already given the number to them. Whenever a company orders a credit report on you - there is a field specifically to type the drivers license number in.

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