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All 3 Scores

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- View minute by minute changes to your credit report and score (www.creditexpert.com) I actually subscribed to this for $79.99 after the 30 trial period. I think it's worth it. You get your credit report and score update up to the minute. I would call in a dispute to an operator and after I hang up with the operator I would re-pull my score to verify that the item was put in dispute.

Trans Union

- View minute by minute changes to your credit report and 1-100 scaled score, not the real score (www.worthknowing.com). To get this to work minute by minute, you have to delete your account and then create a new account. :D Best of all this is free. :rolleyes: No score though.


- Weekly updates of only credit report every Monday and one free credit score (www.privista.com). This is only free for 30 days.

- 4 Updates for the trial period including score (www.equifax.com)


- www.freecreditprofile.com Free Snapshot of TU Credit Report & Score.

- www.privacyguard.com Free Snapshot of all 3 credit reports with the Equifax score free - $1 for 90 day membership

- www.consumerinfo.com Free equifax snapshot - 30 day membership, I think

- www.clearcredit.com A free credit report with membership (this is free unless you dispute something with them). I don't really know how this works cause I haven't signed up yet.

I hope this helps. If anyone has any other sites that is useful and is not listed here, please add to this message.


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Thanks for the post; nice summary.

The only thing I would add is regarding Privacy Guard. The score is not an Equifax score, not a FICO score based on Equifax, it is a Privacy Guard score based on the Equifax information.

There has been a lot of confusion regarding this. Just like to clear the air when I have the chance. :)

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<blockquote>Originally posted by crofttk

Good job Raggid.

But, NONE of the above, except Credit Watch (EQ), give you a FICO score.

[Edit by crofttk on [TIME]1056563928[/TIME]]


Unless you were grandfathered in or something, you will pay an arm and a leg for the score.

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