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Wrong Account #?

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I just spent 5 months using DVs and dispute letters. I am ready to send the delete letters to CRAs and I noticed on my privacyguard.com 3 in 1 report that the only delinquent account I had with Am$$$#@! Ex##@!! is listed under a totally strange account number. But for the right amount and by the Am%$# EX$$ guys.

In the example CRA's delete letter I noticed you have to specify the name of the creditor as well as the account number. But the account number I had been fighting for the last 5 months with CA and OC does not match the one on CRAs report. I only had one card with Am%%# EX$$%.

Is that a trick by CA to have me re-age the account or something else I cant think of?!!

How should I proceed now? (Do not mention account number!)

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The question is if a portion of the number even remotely matches the one you have been fighting. Some times they change them like dropping off the last four / or scrambling the names a bit to look off. This is to protect you over all; I hate it when I see a CRA reporting my full numbers.

Start out as "not mine" in your dispute since it is not your number that you know of. ;)

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