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Inquiries from Insurance Companies

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Does an inquiry from an insurance company affect your credit score? My husband opened an auto policy and they inquired on me without my authorization. My agent just told me that it did not affect my credit score but I wanted to get the scoop from you all.

Thanks for all the help, I will control my credit destiny!

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It depends on what type of inquiry they did. If it was a soft inquiry then it doesn't affect your score. If it was a hard inquiry then it does affect the score. Have you pulled your report to see what type of pull it was? DH & I signed up for auto insurance over the weekend with Progressive and they only pulled DH's report and it shows as a soft inquiry. Is DH the main person on the policy with you listed as secondary? It is possible that, since you are married, by him signing it gave them authorization to check credit for both of you.


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