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Tricky --T.U.

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Ok what do you all think i received a report from them on 7-15 my husband's score was 576....9thru the mail)

He disputed a few more items and today i pulled a report from the internet and his score dropped to 560 but two items were removed one was a collection report and one was from the o.c...

Now what i noticed is the other 3 items that he disputed are still there and what appears to have happened to these are they now have 3 dates next to them

an example is

Providian chpt 7 bk (which is still wrong it was a bk13 )

updated 7/2002

opened 10/98

paid off 7/2001


updated 7/2002

opened 11/94

closed 3-98


updated 7/2002

opened 1985

vlosed 4/2000

prior to today report the had updated dates but they were last updated back in

2000 so it appears to me that if they update an account with a date it takes points away from you. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK?

Also when my husband disputed with the t.u he also

sent dispute letter to the creditors all the creditors got their letter cmrrr

on 8-1-02 but they are not reported as being disputed on the new (today ) report..

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