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Tell me if Ive got them

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I disputed in Feb with equafax/csc elpaso

they validated. I went to dispute again and

noticed they never listed that these were disputed. I wrote them today and disputed and told them the law requires them to mark these items as disputed... by failing they

have violated my rights... Should I sue them

in regular court... I have a lawyer who will

split the award. :upsidown:

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I'm not sure if you have the bureau on anything, but your attorney's contingency fee of 50% could be something.

Usually, attorneys charge a cap of 33% on contingency. Everything else is either flat rate or hourly. If hourly, then it's his/her customary charge in dealing with these matters. If inexperienced, he/she could get in trouble with that high rate.

I'm just kidding, kind of, if it's a friend of yours, I'm sure it's cool. 50% is kind of high, though.

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