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<blockquote>Originally posted by Idon'tpay

what does the zipcode indicate?


Wherever the company is that pulls your credit (not the home office, but the call center---ask them for future reference (get the zip)--thats who thier main CRA Pull comes from........like for example....if the call center for a bank is in GA, they use EQ, exclusively, but instead if it is the same company, but the call center is in Scranton, PA, they use EXperian, or if they were in Chicago, they would use TUnion..I hope I explained it good enough, so I hope:)

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i am bumping this up in case anyone knows how to figure out which report a company pulls...

i have no idea what cities pull what reports... that seems nuts to me. like how i am i supposed to know that chicago pulls transunion? where is that list?

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