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PFB on TU???

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Hey guys - would PFB work with TU? I don't want to wait the kazillion days to send this certified mail and I want these items OFF my report! I just sent a new dispute, but since they didn't address most of my issues, they have to remove, right?

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No PFB won't work on the CRAs - they will just use this to extend the time of investigating.

If you know the information is incorrect for fact - and have documentation on the matter. You have 2 options call the CRAs directly & fax the documents to them.

Or contact the creditor asking them to fax Universal Data Form to TransUnion for a fast update. Equifax also uses UDF; but Experian uses Bullseye Form for updating.

There are even some companies out there that do re-scoring. Investigate the matter with the creditors - forward their findings to the CRAs (who in turn re-investigate the matter) - forward their findings onto the other CRAs. Then make the changes within 5 to 7 days. This cost a lot of money though - better to save your money and use the other two options.

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