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Experian Weirdness

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This is not really a complaint, but I'm looking for a possible explanation.

One week ago I mailed some disputes to each of the credit bureaus. I haven't received the green cards back yet, so I don't know if they've received them or not.

Today I checked my Experian report at creditexpert.com, and it was up 5 points. So I printed out the new report and carefully checked it against the one I had printed out a few days ago just to see what had changed. Well, nothing I had disputed was any different, or was being reported as disputed. However, they removed a student loan account that was erroneously being reported twice, but that I had not reported on in my first dispute letter. I didn't dispute it because it had NO negatives listed (I always have paid it on time). So I was surprised to see that it's removal made my score go up. I'm assuming that by removing that debt from my report, it made my total debt level go WAY down and I'm assuming that's why the score went up 5 points.

Again, I'm not complaining, but why do you think this got removed all of a sudden? It's been there for a long time. Do you think they received my letter and that triggered a full investigation of my report and that this is the only thing they were willing to remove? Or is this most likely just a coincidence that it came off at the same time I sent in my first dispute letter?

Just curious here... Thanks!

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It's possible that they received your letters and deleted them and the green card hasn't found its way back.

Also on your score, it's my opinion that credit scores have as part of their make up a random number generator just to keep you guessing. OK, so I'm *partially* kidding. :)

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