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I have to say that I have been feeling really positive about the progress and the outlook for cleaning up my credit. That was until last night. I got home and had about 6 different envelopes from TU and Exp. All of the Exp said that accounts were already verified and could not be reinvestigated. So they sent me about 4 different letters stating this. And then the TU said that they could not investigate inquiries. Their words: "If you believe that an inquiry on your credit report was made without a permissable purpose, then you may wish to contact the creditor directly." TU also said that creditors can report an account as two different entries because of repayment terms or different account types. But that's not the case here. I am so frustrated now. Oh, and another thing TU sent me was a listing of every creditor that appears on my credit report, including creditors that did inquiries. Just crap. What a cop out!

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TU is the toughest on inquiries, I think because it counts

more in their scoring model. Mine are 3points a piece. I

think they are more if you have a limited history. As for

Exp ; thats Exp they want you to be discouraged. I have

got to be one of their worst customers, I call and fax everyday

and the agents always make a not of it. I have 4 to go. Had

about a dozen "potentialy negative items" to start.

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