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late payment???

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I recently moved to flordia and was abroved

for my morgage. But ran up alot off charges

and they are maxed out. on my report I was late

maybe 4 times in 18 months. But one charge

i have been about 15 days behind. Their is

one bad thing on my credit is from my exhusband

he is late on a charge 30,60.90 days...

I am in the progress of trying to get this off.

I also have a car lease that is about 4 years old

that has a balance of 250.00 and says charge off

on the report. I just have to much and it's

getting hard to afford because of the intrest

rate all have been raised.

any advise??? thanks Leigh

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Try first with a good will letter to the creditors asking their consideration to remove the lates on your credit report. Some of them out there may consider helping you.


This is a good site for finding creditor addresses and contact information.

Disputing with the CRAs might have ill effects if the tradeline gets deleted, only the creditor can re-insert this tradeline - this is not always possible. Sometimes deleting these on the credit report will actually hurt the credit score, so best to try first with the creditor directly to save this account listing.

Some people have had luck disputing first directly with the CRA. Just have to be careful on how you word the dispute to identify the exact tradeline and dispute "never late". If the creditor fails to verify - results can vary, they may update to never late, but on the other hand it could possibly get deleted.

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Depending on what you current credit is like at this time - if you know that applying and getting accepted will be a sure thing then all the more power to you.

With the new card - transfer the highest interest rate balance to this one. Don't transfer the complete balance though, leave about $50 on the other card. Pay the new card down and repeat with the send credit card and so forth. Just keep piggy backing the balance transfers till you have low balances spread out accross all of your accounts.

By paying these other cards down the rest of the way by the minimum terms you will see a good boost to your credit scores (least I did when doing just this).

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Thats the problem I don't know if

I would get approved because most

of them would say that I have to much credit. I want to take all my small

debt and put on one card.

But I guess we can't all have

what we what???

See the thing is I what to move back to

New Jersey but now I don't know if I

could even get a morgage.

take care Leigh

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This is a conflict on improving credit scores verses what lenders want to see.

You want to figure up all of your expenses - minus utility; phone and the sort. Figure up what you pay per month and divide this by how much you make per month. This will give you your debt to income ratio.

Below 40% is what you want - the lower the better. When shopping around: be sure to ask questions like what they require for underwriting on the debt to income ratio. You may still have a chance if you can just get this paid down.

Don't apply for any more credit at this time - the inquiries will hurt your score. You need to aggressively pay what you can and be ready when you do go for the loan. Do the balance transfer between existing accounts - and transfer to the lowest interest cards to aggressively pay off high interest cards.

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