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TU by Fax

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Faxed dispute 4 accounts 5-20 and today 2 are gone!!

Have RJM (Fingerhut) remaining I read on board tonight that others are disputing with CRA's regaurding them so maybe it will come off.

The number I used I got from a girl at TU last weak.


ATTN: DOE-Documentation

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Good for you!

I think that's the number I used for TU. Faxed them on the 20th and got a letter dated 22nd that as a result of their investigation they have deleted the collection. Very nicely done!

Now if I can get Equifax to do the same I won't have to file a suit against them and the CA that illegally filed the collection in the first place.


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Oh no - this is a number I give out all the time.

I have a number specially for mixed files: 714-447-6032

Also a help line phone number - 800-992-8824

Let me know if the 1st one does not work - I will call TransUnion to scope for a new fax number.

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