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Why hasn't something been done??!!

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How is it that companies can put anything they like on your credit report and not tell you?

How is it credit bureaus can so blindly accept anything creditors tell them without contacting the consumer?

How is it these companies can charge the poor consumer for trying to be informed on these matters?

There are 3 credit bureaus (4 if you count Innovis)

a husband & wife has to pull a total of 6 reports (I guarantee information on all 6 will be different) plus 6 scores to keep ahead

even if you get 3 in 1 reports you will only get score for 1 bureau

Then if you don't get alerts you will miss something

I can go bankrupt just trying to pay for all this monitoring

My son's name is similar to mine (not the same) plus I am female.

We do not live together or share same phone #

I constantly have his information showing up on my report (not favorable either)

They even put his SS# on my report and his address

Shouldn't a red flag go up when they think a person has 2 SS#s!!

When I contact the reporting companies they place the burden of proof on me

The bureaus believe whatever they are told

If the company says keep it on they do

THIS is a problem to demonstrate about!!!

Is there a group or an uprising SOMEWHERE?


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You are not alone - I get an average of 3 to 5 calls a week for mixed files.

To explain a bit on how this is do able from the CRAs side. The system used to pull credit reports is quite loose in the required data needed making it easy for information to get crossed on the credit reports. There are several ways for this information to get mixed up (it is up to you to discover exactly which category you happen to fall into and investiage the matter to insure it does not happen again).

1. Similar names or addresses

2. Clerical error on the creditors part - either when pulling credit report or when providing information on an existing account.

3. Deliberate id theft where someone steals an existing account or opens a new on using your personal information.

Fixing this - send in copy of drivers license requesting that they unmix the file. If this does not work - you have to hunt down specifically which creditor is contributing the incorrect data and address them directly on the issue.

At this point - the CRAs can't make the system more accurate since they have not been allowed to solely relate data by social security numbers.

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Speaking of mixed files...

I kept calling TU about mine until I got someone today that took care of it for me. We will see if someone re-reports next month and creates the mixed files again...

Cookie, that TU person never repsonded to my emails, btw...

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