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Questions about inquiries???

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Hi !

Equifax lists "companies that requested your credit file" on report.

Some inquiries show "PRM" and some show "AR" (account review???) next to the name of the company making inquiry. Some do not have either of these abbreviations next to them.

What is "PRM" and am I right that "AR" is account review???

Which ones are hard inquiries and which ones soft?? Which ones are the hurtful ones?

I searched message board but couldn't find anything similar. Would appreciate anyone's input !!! :confused:

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PRM is promotional ~ pre approved offers

Anything that has an abrev before it should be soft and not hurt your score. If it says EU it is a hard from a third party end user, like a company online that might pull your credit for a mortgage. AR is account review. If you look really hard at your report you will see them all listed with explainitions.

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