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sears still reporting

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2 questions? 1 I had a BK in 2001 and sears is still reporting as charged off and still showing past due everysingle month I have disputed it on line and it came back as info correct .2.? How much can I sue sears for and does anyone ese have this problem? :confused:

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Yes this is a common problem for people having filed bankruptcy that the creditors have neglected to update the CRAs with the accurate information as zero balance included in bankruptcy.

There are several ways to approach this problem:

Since it is the original creditor - sending debt validation letter is not going to work here.

You can try the straight forward approach and contact their credit reporting department & dispute the matter directly with them. Insisting on them updating the CRAs and forwarding you confirmation of the results for your records. You could even threaten them with law suite in an effort to make them remove the listing all together.

You could forward the CRAs the actual bankruptcy papers which itemized Sears as having been included for the tradeline to be updated as included in bankruptcy zero balance.

You could contact a lawyer and go after Sears for neglecting their obligation in reporting accurate information - and possibly seek damages (if you had been turned down for credit or having received higher interest rate resulting from their reporting).

Or you can continue spam disputing with the CRAs in an effort to get the tradeline removed all together instead of updated.

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