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Equifax Sucks!

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Just needed to vent here...

I checked my Equifax report a week ago and the FICO score was 520 (by FAR my lowest score of the three). I sent in disputes last week. I checked my report again today and it is DOWN to 507! Nothing on the report has changed at all. I haven't paid down or been late on any current credit cards. I haven't had any inquiries. I haven't done ANYTHING except send in the dispute letter. Nothing on the report is showing up as "disputed" either. But even if it was, shouldn't my score have stayed the same or gone up?

This is so frustrating!!!!

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The very same thing happened to me today. 2 weeks again mine was 559, today it was 534. Since, I had 2 collection accts deleted, and some last payment history. However, I consalidated my student loans and that might have

brought it down. Who knows? I think they suck too!!!!



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