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I'm in the process currently of disputing my own credit reports and about to start the process with my wife. My question is pertaining to the 3 in 1 that Equifax offers - has anyone tried it and does it accurately reflect all listings from all agancies? I've heard most 3 in 1 reports don't list everything.

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I think you'll find most folks across this and other boards in agreement that you're better off going and getting individual reports direct from each of the three CRAs.

3-in-1 reports generally can be incomplete and don't carry the weight needed for disputes at each CRA.

In fact, you'll usually end up paying more for a 3-in-1 than the 3x$9 plus (possibly) tax set by law for individual CRA reports.

In certain circumstances and/or states you also can get these CRA reports for free.

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