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Bank of America

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I just have a quick Question.

Can a Creditor like (Bank of America) put a "charge off" on your spouses Credit Report??? This card was mine before we got married.

Even Though we are married I don't believe they can do this. She has nothing to do with this account.

They are also on my Credit Report as a "charge off".

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I found this on this web sight. It sounds too me like Bank of America & Experian are both in violation of the FCRA.

According to section 603 of the FCRA, the way I interpret it, only information on credit issued to a consumer is allowed. If you are an authorized user, you do not fall under these categories, you are not responsible for the debt and did not receive credit. An authorized user doesn't have credit on this account and it's only the signor that is responsible. So, in essence, if an account on which you are an authorized user shows up on your report, it would be someone else's credit (the signor on the account). I've had lots of readers successfully challenge this to both the creditors and the bureaus and have accounts in which they were authorized users removed.

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Look at your wife's Experian Credit Report on the personal information section where it shows social security number.

Do you see your social security number showing up on her credit report? IF so she has a mixed file, at some point some creditor reported your social security number as being hers, this is how files get mixed.

To fix this - have her send copy of her drivers license to Experian with a request to unmix the file, also ask if they will identify which creditor reported the incorrect information so that they can be contacted and straightened out on the matter.

In this case the bank you are looking at just might not be the cause of the trade showing. It is with another creditor (most likely one where you both are joint on an account) that made the relationship to mix the file.

I see this all the time happening to married people, father / son sharing the same name.

It is a flaw with the CRAs, that they don't identify solely by social security numbers - leaving the door open for mistakes.

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