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The 3 CRAs

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I see on the three CRA websites a way to order all three credit reports together. Is there a program that you can pay monthly to see all three reports. Or should I do each CRA seperately to have unlimited pulls to check for updates. I notice that alot of people post their FICO scores...is there somewhere to get that for all three CRAs, or again, do I do this seperately.



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If you are just starting, I would definately pull each report directly from the individual cra's. Once you have that and can start doing your disputes then you could try privacy guard which will give you a look at all 3 cra's. They charge $1.00 for a 90 day trial period and after that, I believe they charge you $69.95 for the year to continue the service. The score that you get with PG (privacy guard) is a fako score based on your equifax report. When purchasing the reports from the cra's, you get the actual fico from EQ, you have to pay extra for the fico from TU and EXP does not allow you to purchase the fico, you can just get their internal score. Also, each of the cra's offer a monitoring service. EQ just updated theirs so I am not very familiar with it. EXP offers a 30 day free trial and you get a new report everyday and the EXP internal score. TU also offers a monitoring service, which I have used, but I don't think that it is worth the $10.95 per quarter.

Good luck!


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