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EXPERIAN frustration

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I'm in the midst of my second round of letters with the CRA's and I continue to receive the same letter back from Experian. For the third time, they have sent me the exact same letter with a listing of the accounts I requested to be deleted and they state that they need more information before they can investigate. But in each of my letters, I have given them specific info as to why they need to be removed since no other agency reports the accounts or have deleted them.

Any suggesstion on what can I do? Should I go ahead and start getting ready to file suit? It seems as though they are going to continue to give me the run-around with this.

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Have you moved recently in the last year, maybe they are wanting additional information like copy of drivers license.

Usually when I dispute - will copy the tradeline information:

Name of Creditor

Account Number as shown on the credit report.

Open Date

High Credit / Limit


Type of Account



Sometimes, it works just as well to include copy of the credit report - and highlight everything you are disputing.

Don't really need any explaination other then a few brief descriptions of what is wrong and they should take it form there.

But be a clear as possible when dealing with the CRAs, like you are explaining so that an eight year old could understand. That is the way I look at it. Don't give up hope, if you continue to have problems, then switch the way you are disputing.





Best of wishes on your disputes.

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