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New Amex Trick

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I spend 5 months fighting Amex with Debt validation letters. They finally send me a letter stating that they will cease collection.

Now the 3 CRs are still showing a delinquent account with Amex but the Account number is not the same as the one I was fighting them for 5+ months. They just blatantly are trying to ruin my credit.

So I did a "not mine" with all 3 CRAs and send the mail certified.

Earlier this week was monitoring my 3-1 CRs and noticed that only Experian mentioned that the account was in dispute. Today I check again and even Experian is back to delinquent! Nothing in the mail yet but the MotherRockers from Amex are leaving phone messages again.

I noticed that the new delinquent Account number is the same as my old closed/fully paid account that was closed on 1987. The only difference is the original last digit 2 has been changed to an 8 in the delinquent account.

I am sure that they or their CA did this on purpose since this account number has nothing to do and completely different digits that the one the CA could not validate.

Any suggestions?

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Re-dispute; including copy of old credit report, pointing out the similarity to the CRA.

Also call the FTC to file a complaint about them double reporting information to hurt your credit.

Contact the company and file a complaint with them for this, would use www.planetfeedback.com see if you can't make someone higher up jump to take care of this for you.

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