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KB, split file still split

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Hi KB, I got another report today from TU. This is like my fourth this week. This has both of the split files together. It seems as if they even copied the start of the second file right on the back of the last page of the first file. All the same stuff is on the first file, and the same 5 on the second file. (Talk about a cra being dumb) One report has married name with maiden name as aka, the other has maiden name with married as aka. (I am no longer married, but TU insisted that I have to leave married name as main name on report. Even sent dl and ss card, health card, and phone bill. All showing current dates and correct address and name. I am unsure of what to do now. I have called twice to try and fix, but nothing is being done. Any further advice you can hand out to me?

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That is pretty sad state of things, personally I have not even had the opportunity to look at and set down to write a dispute on one of these. Just recently became aware of this particular problem, since with Experian - I had never seen this happen.

This is a problem with them refusing to remove the old name; one (because of their mindset) that they would rather error on the side of having mis-information than to leave anything out of the file that did belong. Two because they know what will happen once they do remove the old name - it will most likely pull out all related tradelines (good and bad).

You are left with just the one option of redisputing this. Try Try Try again till you can get results (otherwise you will be stuck with this until enough information possibly expires for the file to remerge (as far as I know this might not happen either because of the name issue).

This is not going to be an easy task, but you must sit down with this report and start the disputes. Number all the tradelines off 1,2,3,4,5... until everyone has been asigned a number. Then in letter list is like this:

1. This account is duplicated with # 5, please remove.

2. This account is suppose so show paid, please update.

3. This account is duplicated with # 4, please remove.

Like that you just keep going right down the list till you have covered all the incorrect information needing to be addressed. Even include disputing personal information putting numbers beside them as well.

Once complete send off copy of the credit report with the numbers next to each trade line and the letter you have created to address the report.

Go ahead and include another copy of your drivers license (best just get use to doing this everytime). That way you save your self from going crazy when someone delays your investigation and comes back to ask for it again.

Sorry, I could not make this easier to take, but no one is going to fix the credit report but yourself (and you will just have to bug them till all issues have been delt with).

I would strongly recommend that you don't use the monitoring services for quite some time. Just keep going from one returned results report to the next. I am sure this will just continue to cause major problems for you if you do.

Let me know if I can be of any other additional help on anything overlooked.

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