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DV - removal

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?? for the experienced folks on our wonderful, wonderful, wonderful site.

I sent out DVs and have not gotten responses on three of them. How do I handle getting these removed from my CRs? Do I just send them copies of the green cards with a letter saying I have gotten no response?

Once again, I think I have seen this before, but I can't, for the life of me, remember where! ACK!!

I keep this up and I can get my car for a decent interest rate (I want a KIA!)

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What you do is send a copy of the proof that you asked the ca or oc for proof that you are the one that is indeed indebted to them. Then you put in the letter, hey cra, how did you verify this account when in fact I sent a letter directly to this ca and they can't even respond back with a phone call or nothing. You want to send it with a pr letter.

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