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Credit Report Help?

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This is my first post so please bare with me... I recently had a brush with a law firm trying to get a judgement against a past due creditcard account. After reading your website, I found that the date listed in my credit report for the collection agency sueing, is over four years old. I feel this would be reason for dismissal, but alass the lawyer didn't show up.

My question... Is there a way to find out the last activity on a given account, to be sure of the statue of limitations is in effect? I have a couple others, and was told that I needed to contact the credit card companies and request a "payment history". This would prove the last activity on my account? Also, does anyboyd have a sample letter for this? And should I go through the "debt validation" process also.

Thanks for any help anybody can give...


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Getting your payment history would be a great thing...if you can get it. Any chance you have some documentation on this account - letters stating you were overdue on payments, canceled checks, old credit reports (<---though this last

piece of documentation isn't very strong).

Debt validation isn't going to help much at this point, they are already taking you to court. I would show up at the court date and demand they show you the payment history so that the SOL can be established. I would also demand everything else someone demands during regular debt validation: a signed contract, proof they are legally able to collect on the debt, etc.

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