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I need to know if this is a good thing?

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I just checked my husbands EX report. I had a credit card account that I was disputing. Here is what it went from/to:

Status- (WAS) Charged off/past due 150 days $858 written off $77 past due (NOW)Paid/account charged off $858 written off

Recent balance- (WAS) $858 (NOW)$0

It is still showing charged off but with a balance of $0 I have disputed this item twice and it keeps coming back verified. Should I just leave it be? We do not have any collections hounding us about this account. Any help would be great! Thanks.....Liz

[Edit by Lizzy on Monday, June 9, 2003 @ 02:59 PM]

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Unfortunately not that much of a difference, collections and charge offs are derogatory in itself, whether paid or not. I would continue efforts to remove it, sometimes, charge offs can be harder to remove and it might take you a bunch of disputes and letters to the OC's but when it's off- it's well worth the hassle.

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