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Equifax ripped me off!!

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I tried pulling my creidt report from the website and it stated that it couldn't verify identity and that I would not be charged. BS it charged me 4 times and didn't give me a credit report. I tried calling an 800 number and all I got was some recording saying how I could get my report online! I am furious does anyone have a number where I can actually speak to a human being!! I am out $36!! :mad:

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Did you sign up with Equifax & recieve a user name & password?

I am not signed up myself to get past this part - but the general screen just gives the run around with no real contact for customer supposrt for internet issues.

It dose hint to the number / e-mail address being just past the log in screen though.


Maybe you can get further than what I am capable of to be of further assistance.

Otherwise the number I keep getting in general is 800-685-1111

Might just be it is off business hours now to get a person.

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